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Horn announces committee chairmanships for upcoming Legislature

LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Ken Horn on Friday announced his committee chairmanships for the upcoming legislative term in the Michigan Senate.

Horn will chair the newly formed Senate Economic and Small Business Development Committee — which is a combination of the Economic Development and International Investment, Commerce, and Michigan Competitiveness committees from the previous term.

Additionally, Horn will chair two Senate Appropriations Subcommittees, Capital Outlay and Talent and Economic Development/MEDC.

“I’m eager to continue my work to reclaim Michigan’s status as an economic powerhouse,” said Horn. “In my last four years as chair, we were extremely successful bringing autonomous vehicle development to the state, creating incentives for cities to redevelop some of the state’s biggest eyesores and contaminated sites, and shining a strong spotlight on career options for students.”

When committee memberships are announced, Horn says he hopes to play a key role in the areas of education and career readiness because Michigan’s regrowth must include filling our talent shortage, and educational opportunities for students are key.

“Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and I are on the same page,” Horn stated. “Every student deserves an education to prepare them for whatever their career path may be. It will be a top goal of the Senate to ensure that students of all ages have options and we are determined to take them boldly into the future.”

Horn says he is confident such initiatives will help continue Michigan’s resurgence.

“Michigan has a deep and rich economic history. Joining the forces of economic development and education will breathe new life into our cities and throughout our state.”