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Horn applauds no-fault reforms

LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Ken Horn issued the following statement after voting in favor of legislation aimed at reducing auto insurance rates in Michigan during a special session scheduled on Friday:

“I wrote my first no-fault reform bill in 2007 when I realized there was a major crisis looming in the future. I have supported reasonable reforms every term and I’m pleased to see that together, after all the calls, emails and conversations we’ve had with folks back home, we’ve finally come together for historic and meaningful reform.

“Over the years in our pursuit to protect the most vulnerable, we created a brand new most-vulnerable class — the working family that could no longer afford auto insurance for their cars. The horribly complicated system that evolved over the years also created a huge obstacle for people trying to live and work in the state of Michigan.

“The people rose up, shouted up the mountain, and loosened an avalanche of change. With the passage of this reform, Michigan joins 49 other states in properly giving our residents true choice and more control over their own family budgets.”