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Horn issues statement on House and Senate oversight committee action on elections integrity

LANSING, Mich. — After the House and Senate oversight committees voted on Saturday to issue a subpoena to the Michigan Bureau of Elections for records regarding the elections process, state Sen. Ken Horn, R-Frankenmuth, issued the following statement:

“One of my principal responsibilities as a state lawmaker is to respond to concerns raised by those who placed their trust in me to represent them in Lansing. Over the last few days, my office and the offices of many of my colleagues have received numerous calls regarding the possibility of election fraud occurring as the days of uncertainty continue to pass.

“Today’s committee meeting served as the beginning of a public forum to address those concerns. The integrity of our elections should be a priority for every Michigander.

“The purpose of convening the House and Senate oversight committees is not to overturn the results of an election. This is a truth-seeking committee not associated with any campaign, national party or state party and members do not have a predetermined agenda. The goal is simply to ensure that every legal vote is properly counted and to restore trust in Michigan’s election process.

“I believe this to be the appropriate forum to review concerns about the integrity of our elections, share information and consider changes in policy to help ensure confidence in our elections process.

“In the meantime, I will continue working with my leadership team to get to the bottom of what is being done to ensure an honest and fair election and that all legal votes are counted. Until further notice, this is all still in the hands of election officials, legal teams on both sides, and state party officials.”