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Horn issues statement on House passage of short-term rental bill

LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Ken Horn on Thursday issued the following statement regarding the Michigan House of Representatives passing legislation barring bans on short-term rentals.

“I was surprised in hearing of the urgency that went into passing short-term rental legislation in the House. It reminds me a little bit of Lame Duck session where we say nothing good happens after midnight.

“As it comes to the Senate, I’ll be working with stakeholders on both sides of this issue. I will include conversations that we’ve had with our restaurant and lodging industries and our local units of government to deliver a more balanced solution.

“I will wait and see how this plays out in the Senate and will work with Senate leadership to see what the Senate timetable might be on this issue — but at any time I’m prepared to take testimony in my committee on Senate Bill 547, an alternative I introduced earlier this year.

“The short-term rental industry is an important and fast-growing commercial business in Michigan, but we can’t leave our friends and neighbors helpless wondering who is going to be living next door on any given weekend.

“When it comes to our local communities, I hope we put as much urgency into solving the middle-class housing crisis in Michigan. Our friends and neighbors all around the state need to know they have a place to live in a stable and safe community to call home.”