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Sen. Horn reacts to State of the State address

Sen. Ken Horn

Sen. Ken Horn

LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Ken Horn, R-Frankenmuth, issued the following statement on Tuesday, in response to Gov. Rick Snyder’s 2018 State of the State address:

“The most important thing to take away from Governor Snyder’s address is that Michigan’s comeback is now a reality. It was a pleasant surprise to get a shoutout during the State of the State because of our work on economic development. Because of the MIthrive Initiative and the Good Jobs package, our skyscrapers are taller, our wallets are fuller and our students have more opportunities than ever before.

“Since my first days in Lansing, I’ve been saying that in order for Michigan to recover we need to fall in love with manufacturing again. We need to melt steel and build things. We need to teach our kids that these kinds of jobs and skills can provide a very good career. Since 2010, we’ve created the most manufacturing jobs in the U.S., which is proof that this is happening.

“Not every student is going to go to college but every single one deserves a great career. We’ve talked and talked for years about the skilled trades gap and how we can address it. I’m proud to be partnering with the governor and my legislative colleagues to work toward closing that gap. I want to make sure that my own kids, my grandkids and children across the state have a successful future available to them right here in Michigan.

“Now that we’ve balanced and stabilized our budget, approved the budget ahead of schedule seven years in a row, and passed many important reforms, it’s time to give relief to families throughout my district and our state. Many people’s paychecks took a hit during the lost decade, and now that we’re in the comeback decade, we need to look at ways to put money back in our residents’ pockets. The Senate is taking the lead with multiple tax reform bills, but we also need to address other areas that are squeezing people’s paychecks. We need to continue to improve our roads and find ways to reduce insurance costs.

“I’m also glad the governor touched on the issue of civility and how we talk to each other. This year with things that have happened in my life, I’ve realized that it is all about setting priorities. Our priorities should be our families, friends, our neighbors and what we can do for each other. The anger I’ve witnessed in politics over the last decade is unbecoming of us. Let’s remember to be kind to each other. Everybody you meet today is fighting an internal battle known only to them. And believe me, politics is the last thing on their mind.”